Amador County, Ca.


Moriah Heights Orchestra is currently working on


Mouret Fanfare  Violin 1   Violin 2  Basses  Trumpet  Oboe 1  Oboe 2   Timpani

Bach Brandenburg Flute  Violin 1   Violin 2   Viola   Cello 1   Cello 2   Piano

Brandenburg 6 Viola and Cello Only

Mio tesoro per te moro Voice Trumpet Violin 1 Violin 2 Viola Cello Bass Piano

Manfredini Concerto grosso Op.3 n.12 Weihnachtskonzert

Fettke Majesty and Glory

Haydn The Heavens are Telling

Handel Sonatina  Parts

Marcello Oboe Sontata in d minor.  Parts

Mozart Church Sonata #2      Parts

Gabriel’s Oboe Parts

Michael Haydn Trumpet Concerto  Adagio  and  Allegro    Parts

Telemann   Adagio   parts

Telemann 3 trumpet concerto    parts    timpani

  Handel Pifa parts

Bach Sheep may safely graze  parts

Handel Largo from Serse parts

Handel  Sonatina   parts

Bach Jesu Joy   parts

Bach Air  parts

Pachelbel Cannon  parts

Bach   Sheep may Safely Graze    parts

Handel Concerto Grosso

Handel Royal Fireworks